Inception of Digital Signature in India.

Digital Signature has got legal sanity in India with passage of Information Technology Act 2000. Information Technology Act 2000 also established framework of Comptroller of certifying authority (CCA)in India who in turn regulates certifying authority.

Safescrypt become the first licensed certifying authority of India. Safescrypt got technology from worlds one of the most renowned Digital Signature provider – VeriSign .

Digital Signature in India was first incorporated in pilot programme at DGFT- Director General  of Foreign Trade in the month of February 2004.  

After a while Tata Consultancy Services – TCS also received license from CCA. TCS has got priceless technological gift when they acquired CMC from Government of India.

CCA has also Issued a license to IDBRT. They have started with a big bang and low price. At one point of time they had more number of registration authority (Dealers/retailers) than sum total of all other players. But unfortunately they have not even completed one year and closed down certificate issuance.

meanwhile CCA has also issued license to CBEC but they have never issued any certificate.

Next in the line of getting licence where MTNL and (n)code solutions, a division of GNFC ltd.

MTNL had established trust line network and covered every small town with registration authority.  But unfortunately they did not survive onslaught of technological advancement and have to stop issuing digital signature once they CCA has asked to implement issuance of 2048 bits SHA-2 compliant DSC.

(N)code solutions, a division of GNFC ltd. is also in reality state owned enterprise doing good business with the backing of Government of Gujarat.

Emudhra is the youngest  one to get license and have already made his presence felt to all the already established players of Industry.

NIC also Issues digital signatures but issuance is limited to Government of India. 



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